Baek Mi-sun

Baek Mi-sun
Standing representative Korea Women’s Associations United(KWA)
No Nukes! Women’s Forum 2018

Good evening.
I’m thrilled to meet women leaders and activists working to create a nuclear-free peaceful world. Thank you for inviting me here and giving me a chance to speak. I am Baek Mi-sun, standing representative of Korea Women’s Associations United.
Yesterday I was deeply impressed by the opening plenary of 2019 world conference against A and H bombs. I was touched by the participant’s enthusiasm to create a nuclear-free world, the determination to do whatever it takes and the empathy to the brutal, anti-humanitarian aspect of the nuclear weapon. I believe by solidarity among awakened citizen we can create a world without nuclear weapons and a world without war. Especially, the massive women at the gymnasium reaffirmed that it is women who lead peace in Japan. I appreciate that you have dedicated electing women candidates in the house of councilors election in July and have defended the Constitution article 9. I’m proud of you who are leading the UN Security Council resolution 1325, which declared the importance of women’s participation in conflict prevention and peace building.
At the Korea-Japan Women’s workshop at the Korea-Japan International Forum last May, the New Japan Women’s Association and Korean participants pledged to cooperate opposing A and H bombs, preventing war, and building peace. Korean and Japanese women have a long of solidarity for supporting Hibakusha, building peace in Northeast Asia, and for the issue of Japanese military slavery. At this time of high uncertainty in Northeast Asia, I hope to further strengthen our friendship and cooperation.
I can’t help but talk about issues in Korea. Korean Peninsula is at the center of nuclear threat. The fear of Nuclear weapon has always been real under the contradiction and conflicts between the two Koreas. Citizens of North and south Korea are living under the nuclear threats. I ask support from Japanese citizens for the denuclearization and peace of the Korean Peninsula which is the foundation of peace in Northeast Asia. Please join us to create a nuclear- free world which begins in Korea.

Secondly, I would like to talk about the recent Abe government’s aggressive policy towards Korea. Based on international law, the supreme court in Korea recognized the right to claim personal compensation for victims of forced mobilization. The Park Geun-hye administration tried to control the supreme court to avoid such judgement. The massive political, judicial scandal are under investigation and trial. The 2015 Korean-Japan agreement and the establishment of the Reconciliation and Healing Foundation was nothing but deceiving victims. The victims of Japanese military sexual slavery were aware of this cheating and has resisted. One of the victims, who is over 90- years old protested calling the dissolution of the foundation even in rainy day. The dissolution of the foundation was a call from victims and civil society to correct deception.
The Abe government’s aggressive policy toward Korea is not to acknowledge and understand this situation. Korean civil society is furious with the Abe government. At the same time, however, we are aware that Korea and Japan are supposed to cooperate. That is why the Korean-Japanese civil society should come forward and change the facet of this conflict. I would like to suggest announcing co-statement by Korea and Japanese women on this issue.
Finally, feminism is one of the biggest issues in Korea. The feminism movement has been upsurging. The participants of #Metoo movement are constantly demanding gender equality in all areas of politics, economy and society. Particularly we demand women’s participation and gender perspective in the peace building process. Feminist perfects democracy. This is our slogan in recent years. Now it is the time to say that gender-equal peace is genuine peace.
Let’s strongly work together to for gender-equal peace against nuclear weapons. Thank you.